Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Channeling Donald

So you want me to poly that tonight so you can start on the ceiling?
You DON"T want me to do you, you don't trust me not to mess it up - is that what that *silence* was? Huh?
she said incredulously

Look, Jenny - you're second rate.

Just because you paint two rooms doesn't mean that I'll trust you with the poly on this fine piece of workmanship.

You think I want brush marks or worse - a drip? No way, I can't have someone polying for me that can't be trusted not to leave a drip. If you want a job done right I guess you've got to do it yourself.

Excuse me, Mr. Tr.. uh, I mean, husband - you think I might let some sawdust or a doghair dry into the fine,sanded surface of your cabinet? Well, I wouldn't sir, (I mean you - guy that is so anal I cannot believe it) I'm a fine assest to this project, sir. But...But...

No more buts. It was a hard decision the two times you were project manager the rooms were painted but brushmarks were evident and you got paint on the ceiling - in both rooms. It's unacceptable. And even though you were the one who volunteered to help me and I previously accepted - I've rethought it. Now you get to go upstairs and watch a movie on the couch with a fleece blanket and pillow and some warm popcorn or Butterfinger hot cocoa (recommended by The Impulsive Buy, thankyouverymuch) maybe uh...where was I? Yeah, well, tough decision, but I can't trust you. I'm sure you'll do well elsewhere, but here it is....

You're fired

Update: He said that like it was a bad thing. :) I popped some corn, put Whalerider in the DVD (which is a movie I highly recommend by the way) and did zilch. Hurray for unemployment.

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