Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Duhn, Duhn, Dunh....Here it comes...

Okay, my head is officially spinning. The cleaning, wrapping, food shopping, cooking, baking, laundry. The countdown has begun. The husband is finishing off a room (I use the term room lightly, more like a large closet at 6'8" by 10' 9" but I digress....) and making this really spiffy corner cabinet to hold the Game Cube and TV. It's all coming out wonderfully but could we be any more last minute? Yours truly will be doing the polyurethaning tonight while he paints the ceiling things.

I am the Christmas Eve hostess with the mostest. We will be dining on salad, some sort of bread and a most delicious lasagna, my specialty. And while I can really cook a great lasagna the reason I'm doing it Friday is because I can make it in advance and then just pop it in the oven. The less kitchen time the better. There will be fourteen of us and that is my indoor limit. There is literally not enough room. Oh well, I can't sweat a detail like chairs. More eggnog please *hic*.

Christmas dinner will be prepared by the mother in law. Lord knows what we're having but she's a good cook and huge spreads are her thing so no worries there. And she only lives a mile away so there isn't any long travel in my holiday plans. Thank goodness.

Well, off to breathe the lovely fumes of polyurethane and wish my husband started this project two weeks earlier than he did.

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