Monday, December 27, 2004

The new room. Note how good the cabinet looks.

Especially the second coat of poly :) because the next day after the refusal of assistance he politely mentioned that if I had time I could throw on a second coat of the stuff because he could use the help. So generous of him. What girl doesn't have time to help her man one day before the big Xmas Eve festivities? And two days before Christmas? This girl that's who.

But did I do it anyway? *sheepishly* uh-huh. Just to prove a point, a 'see how busy I am, but I'm still willing to do it' point though.

All of the crap has been rearranged in that tiny little space with the exception of the bee-you-ti-full cabinet now that the Christmas Tree is gone - that's right -GONE. I took down all of my Christmas decorations today. Why? Ida know, usually I leave them up until New Year's Day or so but this year I was dying to get everything back to normal.

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