Friday, December 17, 2004

Friday's Feast

What is something that never fails to grab your attention.
A man talking rudely or demeaning his wife in public.

Who was the last person who gave you money, and what was it for?
My husband's aunt, for another freakin' hockey fundraiser.

If you were a Smurf, what would your name be? Immature smurf.

Main Course
Do you believe in astrology? Why or why not?
Y'know, I'd like to say I don't but that wouldn't be entirely true. I believe that your personality traits could be generalized by astrology but predicitng the future and stuff, no way.

Have you seen any snow this year yet? What's the weather like today in your area?
Yep, we had four inches of it last month and only flurries since. Today it's sunny, windy and about 40 degrees.

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