Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Butterfingers for Breakfast?

Halloween has come and gone, but the sugar high remains.

"oh, you ate all of your breakfast? Then okay, one piece of candy"

That'll last for about a week and then the forgetting about the candy starts, so one week out of fifty two, I figure that's not too bad.

Today is election day. Ho-freakin-hum. Explain the need for the electoral college one more time please? How is it that the popular vote counts for naught? Oh, yeah, DON'T. Two candidates, one I don't trust at all and one that I have absolutely no opinion about (and sadly enough he is MY senator). Hmmm. Lesser of two evils? Better the devil you know than the devil you don't?

I'm all for smaller taxes Mr. Bush, but seeing as we didn't get any break from this last hoo-haw you bestowed upon us, the poor beleaguered middle americans, and instead you can say, spend less on freakin' VETERANS who fought the fight and which group you are NOT a part of. You are willing to give fewer benefits to those fine men and women who will lay their lives on the line in a war we have no business being in. And speaking of Iraq...the mission is not accomplished. Families are buying walkie talkies and kevlar for their relatives over there while we pay Halliburton millions, if not billions, to rebuild. Oh Mr. Cheney, how much did you make on your stocks and dividends? And if Mr. Colin Powell states that genocide is taking place in Sudan and we do nothing, well then, that's just wrong too. No oil in Sudan you say? Ah, well, that explains it.

And Mr. Kerry...zzzzzzzz. Hmph. The debates. Clearly yours. Why can you not captivate a nation? Your wife is atrocious and really, what would you have done differently. Details please. I would have done things differently too I bet. But I don't have to offer an intelligent explanation because I AM NOT RUNNING FOR PRESIDENT. And then you are on TV and start to talk again and zzzzzzz.

Okay, that will probably be one of the last rants of the political nature for a long while. And yes, I'm voting. Scary isn't it?

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