Saturday, November 06, 2004

The Grudge Report

First a disclaimer: I'm not a Star Wars geek. Not that it's a bad thing because it SO isn't. I just really love the movies. I only have one toy. It's a little R2-D2 that makes cute beeps when you press it's buttons.

Onto The Grudge. Eh. It has alot of those eye-squinting, cringing, what are they all going upstairs for? moments but not alot else. I don't regret going, my friend was so freaked out she said she only saw about half of it, she spent the other half with her eyes closed and her ears blocked, but the acting was pretty uninspired and the movie itself was really drab colorwise. All in all, a fun night out because it doesn't happen that often and we laughed alot at the whole anxiety thing.

Tonight was the big Shrek II premiere at my house. There was popcorn and fleece blankets and lots of kiddo giggling. The farting, they can't get enough of the farting.

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