Friday, November 19, 2004

Big Painting Update

Okay, a quick note again. ...

Watched Survivor last night and I cannot think of a more hellacious place on earth than being that last guy stuck on that island with all of those women. Ugh. And that one of them will win a million dollars is even sadder.

I know, painting this room is taking me forever. But the darling husband decided to joint coumpound all of the ceiling to wall edges, so I had to wait for it to dry. I'm doing the second coat for the walls tomorrow. Then I'll start the trim. I sure do know how to have some fun, eh?

I have a book club thing tonight. I blew off my regular one (they picked Toni Morrison and I kind of just refused based on the fact that I find her whole heartedly annoying) and am going to the one my mom just started. She chose a book that was my pick a few months ago and she asked me to come to help with the chat. It's all older women and kind of a conservative bunch. Should be a ball. :-P

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