Friday, November 05, 2004

Negative Nelly

Wow, enough negative political crap from me. Blech. I can't stand reading it on other peoples blogs but found I couldn't resist throwing my two cents onto mine. Sorry.

My weekly highlights:

Buying Pokemon Ruby for my Game Boy.

Making my best homemade meatballs ever for dinner the other night.

Watching Rory get kicked the heck off the Island.

Tonight after hockey practice I'm headed out to dinner and a movie with a good friend of mine. We're seeing The Grudge, partly because everyone in Kate's comments thought it was wicked scary, partly because I have no idea what else is playing. My only concern is the stress factor. I actually walked out of Scream 2 for a few minutes to get my heart rate down and to wipe my sweaty palms.

*Bock, bock, bock* makes the pecking poultry neck move

I wish I could take a picture of the pines trees blowing around outside. I'm on the second floor of my house and these trees are like 85 feet tall and they're swaying all over the freakin' place. Time to skedaddle!

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