Sunday, November 21, 2004

Phew. Two coats of paint on the bathroom walls. Done. Now all I have to paint is the trim but I HAVE to use painter's tape because I'm too impatient to take my time and try to go all nice and straight on the trim boards. So anyway, can't put the tape on until the paint cures and that will take a few days. This wouldn't be such a big project to most people but the husband has previously accused me of being a totally half assed painter so I'm trying to do a whole assed job.

Thanksgiving is just about here. One thing I'm thankful for *waiting for lightening bolt from the heavens to strike me down* is that my mom isn't cooking. The very definition of half assed in the dictionary has a picture of her Thanksgiving Dinner right next to it. She is queen of the 'good enough' dinner. Canned sweet potatoes and corn. Ew. And stuffing so soggy my stepsister and I once threw together a box of Stove Top as dinner was going on the table. We have been saved this year by an invite from my stepfather's brother and his wife.

A bunch of my inlaws are either working on Thursday (restaurant types) and so we're having dinner on Tuesday evening. Which by the way will all be totally delicious and all fresh and homemade. I'm making a cranberry crisp for both occasions. Very easy and yet so harvesty.

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