Thursday, November 04, 2004


I guess the election hoop-la is over. Thank god for small favors and for the fact that the Daily Show will continue to be crack-me up hysterical for the next four years.

Although, seeing as American soldiers are paying the price with their lives over there in Iraq and stem-cell research will not be the status quo, it hardly seems worth a funny one-liner or two or seventy six. A shout out to my friend Julie whose mom died from ALS and to Josh, my husband's cousin serving over there in Afghanistan. Wish we could of done more to help.

*ouch* I just tripped stepping off my soap box.

On to sunnier thoughts and well wishes to all you NaNoWiMo people, *tick,tick,tick* it's already the 4th, you should have about (thank you Mr. Calculator) 6,667 words written (if you didn't delete, Lisa:) )Which is so why I didn't do it. That and my creative side is totally lacking.

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