Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Thank God It's Wednesday!

Ah, the weekend is here. Not your weekend probably but mine has just arrived. Working only two days a week has its advantages. TGIW!

Yesterday the girlie goes into the bathroom and after doing what she needed to do she flushed. Well before flushing she plucked tissues out of the box one by one and made Mt. Kleenex in the toilet. After the flushing she comes running, I put a tissue in the toilet on accident she says to me.

A tissue, Singular and on accident i.e. accidentally.

Mt. Kleenex didn't flush, infact its peak was above the rim. I double checked the water (clean, the toilet had just flushed) handed the girlie the rubber gloves and a plastic bag and told her to dig in. She looked at me with a Mommy's gone off the deep end - me+rubber gloves+toilet?!?!?" kind of look and threw on the gloves and got to work.

Score one for Mommy. Now I'm only losing by 40,232.

Today I dropped the glass mayonnaise jar and it broke into forty batrillion pieces all over the kitchen floor. I'm barefoot, the kids shoes are in the shoe cubby thing which means walking over the shards of glass to get a pair of shoes and the dogs are tag teaming me with their dumbass attempts to grab and lick the bigger chunks of glass that were covered in mayo. Hey Dogs - It's Glass.

Naturally I had about five minutes before we had to leave for the bustop, preschool and work. And Fred, the scavenger Beagle, would have eaten that whole damned pile of glass if it meant ingesting 12 oz. of Helmanns or he would have licked the floor and cut his tounge with a shard of glass that I missed and would have bled all over the rug in the living room. So we missed the bus and I was late for work. Yesterday Fred the Beagle from Hell tore into the trash bag my husband left out in the cellar and spread it all over the floor for me. *love him* Really I do love him but grrrr... at least my husband has been kind enought to refrain from the "You're the one who wanted this dog speech." so I guess I'm thankful for that.

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