Sunday, November 14, 2004

This kind of old house

We've been pretty much working on this house from the moment we moved in eight years ago and have finally replaced each and every window. Not that this was the only project we've undertaken but we are now on Bathroom Redux #2.

The first major project we did was the bathroom. It had a shag carpet, which I steadfastly refused to walk on, a half sized tub caulked with masking tape (surprise!) and plastic panel walls from the 80's. Plus it was small. Like smaller than small.

Well, a friend was having a Mary Kay party (*gag*), but being a friend I went. Halfway in I get a phone call "Don't buy a thing" the husband warned me. "We have no water left in the well."

The well ran dry? Literally? Yes and not only did it run dry, the pump pumped silty sand through our entire plumbing system. It was like the lottery, only what we won kind of sucked. Unlimited sand is never as fun as money.

The entire plumbing system was junk, we had no water and the bathroom needed fixin' and so SLAMMO with the sledgehammer a wall came down and the big bathroom was born, well, not born, sort of conceived because god knows these projects take forever to be done.

My husband spent many hours down 25 feet in the well (Baby Jessica, if you're reading this and have a flashback you have my apologies) with pumps trying to stave off the influx of silty sand and installing various well pieces which in fact bought us about 6 years of water, used conservatively. The sand he pumped out made the kiddos a helluva sandbox though.

So now, with the install of the final windows we needed to paint the bathroom and I thought "Perfect time for a change and dammit I want a purple room." The husband leaves the color choices to his lovely wife and here's what I ended up with Spokane Falls & Rhodedendron (sp?). This time he is also leaving the painting up to his lovely wife (by lovely wife I do mean ME you know) as I have, to his surprise last year, proven myself to be an okay painter. The first coat is done and I'll be doing the second coat and trim this week. The blogging might suffer but I will post pictures when I'm done and make it all worthwhile. :)

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