Saturday, October 30, 2004

Carve-a-thon 2004

The pumpkin carving festivities are over. The seeds are roasting and the kiddies are sleeping. I've been reading other blogs where the kids are celebrating, with costumes and candy in school and I have to say - We're getting gyped over here! We got the memo from the principal, "No candy, no costumes, no parties." No fun.

And a Sunday Halloween sounded great until my son got his hockey schedule. Game at 5:50 a.m. Huh? So, now he'll be up for 12 hours before he can even go Trick or Treating. Ugh. I suppose we could go out during the day, but that's just not the way things are done around these parts. And to even mention skipping the hockey game would be heresy.

I can hear the sounds of screams and ghoulies coming from the Haunted House at the camp next door... so spooky, I love it, it's like our own Halloween soundtrack.

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