Tuesday, October 19, 2004

If I had a million dollars....

I was over at Lisa's and thought I'd forward a question she posed for us....

What would you do if you won 14 million dollars?

I love my home, even though it's tiny and the local laws say I can't expand, I would just pay the mortgage off and finish the porch off. I'd build my husband a shed too.

I would travel each and every summer, all summer, with my kids. Mostly the U.S. but I'd like to go to Portugal and Italy and Australia. My husband could come too, I suppose.

I would ensure that the kids were set up for college. My nephew too, no cash handouts, just a nice custodial account.

I would pay my parents mortgage off and give my mom enough cash to retire and help with the 'living off her pension' thing.

I would call the local electric company and oil companies and provide electricity and heat to some who need it and find other worthwhile charities that needed funds.

I would buy a small cabin on a lake and spend alot of time there.

I would buy a super big, fast computer and keep it updated and super fast all the time.

And then the boring, invest, invest, invest.

Oh, and I would have a huge party, HUGE, with too many people, swimming in the lake, illegal fireworks from New Hampshire, and kids with popsicles running everywhere, and yummy frozen drinks, where we can all toast my good fortune. Cheers!

My son...

Would outfit the family with quads to ride on the land he would buy in Vermont.

He wants a truck and trailer (for the quads), a boat and boat trailer.

Would go deep sea fishing, buy hunting gear to take to Canada on a trip with his dad, me (?!?!), Kenny (my sister's ex-fiance, he hasn't been told that he's now an ex), my husband's friend Mark and his grampy. He wants to see Mexico and California too.

My girlie...

Well, she has no concept, and she's downstairs so I didn't ask her.

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