Thursday, October 21, 2004

Dah, dah dah....And the Winner Is.....

So I guess it goes without saying that I'm pretty pleased with last night's game. :)

The Red Sox are going to the WORLD SERIES. THE WORLD SERIES.

Visit April for a little insight into the wonderful gut churning experience that is a Red Sox game. It is some kind of gift to watch a game where your team leads by seven in the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs and not actually smile and relax until the umpire actually calls the third out.

*FLASH* Ohmigod. That was my life. Flashing before my goddamned eyes when Pedro gave up those runs. *Whoomp* That was the sound of me falling backwards onto my couch throwing a pillow over my face.

Don't get me wrong you can cheer when Damon hits a grand slam or A-Rod strikes out, it's allowed, but we Red Sox fans know that it's the regular, not so big plays that make or break us. So we sit, with baited breath, and we hope and we whisper "Pitch by Pitch, Pitch by Pitch" to the TV.

Okay, enough about baseball (okay, so you know that will only hold true for, tops, the rest of this post). But what else is there? Oh, the void that will be in my life after the WORLD SERIES. The Apprentice pales in comparison. But finally I will get my money's worth out of netflix. Those movies have been sitting and sitting...

My book club is meeting tomorrow night. I finished the book about three weeks ago and now I don't remember the characters names or even how it ended. Doesn't bode well for good discussion, but maybe I'll skim over the last chapter so as not to appear the fool.

And after four years in the book club we have our first 'issue'. Yuck. We all agreed at the beginning that we would purchase the books chosen if they weren't available at the library or whatever. It has never been a big deal and I know most everyone can afford the worst case scenario of two or three hardcover new release choices in a row. It started last month when I chose a book only available in hardcover. Most everyone bought it but a few of us lent our copies out to be read by others. Not an issue, we've all forgotten/miscalculated/been unable to find it, like I said, not an issue.

This last choice was also only available in hardcover. I ordered through Amazon with one of the books on my wish list to throw me over the 'twenty five dollar free shipping' threshold. A slew of emails came about a week after the last meeting. "When you're done can I borrow it?" and "If anyone has a copy to lend can I borrow it?" The one that really got me was from a girl who has just joined and has yet to attend a meeting. (That and the fact that she's the queen of the perky chipper email - ugh) She's not even buying the book? A free ride the first time?? There were about six or seven requests and from a group of 15-20 that's kind of alot. I understand that books are expensive and maybe these non-buyers should offer to split the cost with each other if they don't want to purchase it outright.

Did I mention that I hate confrontation? And that a few of us are miffed by the whole 'you buy it then I'll borrow it' mentality, but that no one wants to say anything, well no one except me, because I will truly flip the next time it happens.

Blech, sorry, long post but I'm getting mad that I have to be stressed about book club. It's usually a non-stress night out for me. But I'll think happy thoughts and damn that is SO easy today :) .

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