Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Heat is for whimps!

Y'know I live in New England. I'm used to the cold. And it's not really cold just chilly.

Unless you're in my house. Where it's hovering around 58 degrees and slowly dropping.

My husband won't let me turn the heat on unless we get a new furnace filter and the wood for the woodstove sits piled up outside because he wants to paint the cellar walls before he brings it in.

Getting up out of my comfy cozy warm snuggly bed tomorrow is really going to suck. But seeing as I'm getting up to go to the hardware store to pick up a furnace filter it won't be too bad. And naturally tomorrow it's supposed to be seventy degrees and sunny. I think my husband sees each and every day that we don't use any heat as a small deposit in the bank. And seeing as oil prices are going through the roof he's probably right. I hate when that happens.

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