Friday, October 15, 2004


Tomorrow's schedule is pretty much straight from the bowels of hell. But we'll muddle through. What other choice do we have?

We're having the girlie's birthday party at the YMCA tomorrow afternoon. She wanted a pool party in THE worst way, seeing as she went to one a few months ago, so I obliged. This is our first "out of the house" party for one of the kids. We did do a Providence Bruins hockey party for my son two birthdays ago, but seeing as the kids were all here, then the game, then all back here for an hour until their parents came, that doesn't count. The house still required cleaning.

Tomorrow, we pack a few bags and a batch of cupcakes. And out the door we go. Woo-hoo. And my husband volunteered to be in the pool with the kids. Even better. I can talk. To other adults. Is it my birthday? Might as well be, that's a gift in itself.

Sunday, I'm off to Yankee Candle and other assorted girl places with my mom. They have a HUGE store up in Deerfield with every single scent you could ever imagine, and some you couldn't.

Which, by the way, we planned this trip, how on earth was I to know that the Pats would be 4-0 and the Sox might be playing. So I guess we won't have to talk seeing as the radio will be tuned in to sports for the entire day. I'm just not a typical girl. Most of the women wandering around will be soooo excited to be missing the football and baseball. I will be looking for a TV in the tavern next door.

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