Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Weekend

Here's my husband in the big roll-y thing. I should consider hiring him out for kids parties. He kept them entertained, except for a few games of duck, duck, goose - the entire time. Ya-hoo!!
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I wish I could say I feel rejuvinated after this weekend. That would be false. Two nights of five hour baseball games in a row sort of wrecks you for the days to come. But the Sox won twice. In a row. And thank you to Em for the self restraint in the blog department. Keep it up girl!!

The party was a success. The husband entertained them by rolling them all over the room in this sick-maker. Thanks husband. The girlie and her friends had a blast. I'm eyeing Kate's fear factor idea for my son's party in the spring. The candle store day was good, but long. It's quite a ride from where I live, and there are no deals to be had. But where else can you find a gazillion candles and all kinds of candle/house crap like this? And I listened to the Pats game and cheered wildly when they won.

It's rainy and chilly here today. Thank god for sweatpants and warm socks.

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