Wednesday, October 13, 2004

It's Wednesday!

I clicked over to see what Tara was up to and I clicked back so fast I nearly threw my wrist out. Ok. Not really, but I clicked back fast so as not to read her answers to weird ones.

1. What household appliance are you most like and why? My microwave. It seems impatient doesn't it, cooking your food (or heating it up so much that while it might not actually be a 'baked' potato, it's hot enough to be considered cooked) so quickly. And maybe not all the way done 'add another thirty seconds'. Or maybe way too hot and 'let it sit for five minutes to cool off'. Impatient and never seeming to get it quite right.

Or I could get all mommyish and say my waffle maker because my kids love it soooooo much.
That second one is much more flattering.

2. What are the pros and cons of having a white tiger as a pet?
Pros: Less birds, less annoying partner. Literally, like a bite or two less.

Cons: I don't have a great love for cats either. That and the fact that I would have to keep its huge legs of cow or antelope in my freezer.

3. Why do you torment me so? Why not?

4. Whatcha gonna do when your little bird flies away? Rejoice, I'm not a fan of birds. At All. Although I did like those bald eagles. But, they were far away. If they got too close I would, if empty handed, run away with my arms over my head and if I had perhaps a tennis racket in hand *WHACK*.

5. What are the functions of hair? How would it affect one to be without it? Insta-Shade in the summer and a free hat in the winter. Brrr. feel that icy breeze blowing across your scalp. Without it there would be no hat head, bed head or bad hair/growing it out/why does only one side flip up so perfectly days. But then there would be no great hair days and those days are worth suffering through the rest. And hair is a good descriptive characteristic. Blonde hair shoulder length, short spikey black hair, red, curly hair would all become bald, with the no hair.

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