Tuesday, October 26, 2004


Ugh. I'm suffering from a hangover. A baseball induced hangover. After last week's four and five hour games I'm having trouble making it past the 8th inning of any of the World Series games. Some fan. But now, maybe that's the thing that's keeping them winning. So I should try to fall asleep in the 8th. Being superstitious is exhausting too.

And the weather, it's not doing it's job. Misty, cold and overcast = Sleepy Jenny. Warm/cool and sunny= Awake Jenny.

I've been too tired to even think of anything to write. But I did just do my list of 100 things and that feels like a major accomplishment but it was at the expense of the girlie who is waiting to play CandyLand. So, I'm off to whip some four year old butt and beat her to that candy castle in the sky.

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