Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A suggestion to our School Department: The school year should run from Labor Day to Memorial Day. No making up snow days, flood days or whathaveyou. We'll give up February vacation, no problem, and shorten the newly seemingly longer Christmas break. But I. AM. DONE. with school. done. Except that the boy actually isn't. And now it's all kind of a drag. A busy drag with these last few weeks being filled with a book report and the big mural picture he's still working on.

Two problems: He picked the 12th Lemony Snicket book for his book report and while that's all well and good the weather is finally NICE and does he want to be sitting around reading? No. It's alotta pages too.

The picture my son has to draw for this mural has a theme. Trustworthiness. He knew exactly what he wanted to draw, sketched it out and started working on the final copy. Well, being gifted with his mother's affliction of unrealistic looking people drawing he brought his picture into the art teacher for help. He WAS drawing a boy returning a book to the librarian. His idea, which he explained to me... being able to take out and return books shows your trustworthy.
This is a correct definition of trustworthy right? It's not like irony which I still don't get, right? right? Okay, well the teacher NIXED his idea and all of his hard work and now he's had to start over. On HER idea of trustworthiness because his picture was too much like responsibilityness or whatever. Nice.

See how done I am with school?

Plus the librarian is a cranky 'ole biddy and laid a nice line of sarcasm on the boy a few weeks ago. And she pissed me off but good.

Do y'all have caterpillars? Like 48 gagillion of them? Crawling on everything, making the lawn look as though it's moving and making it impossible to sit outside for any length of time or walk barefoot?

The frickin' catepillars...Major Infestation! Severe Deforestation! Biblical Proportions! All of those and hey! They give me a nasty ass itchy rash! Woot for catepillar allergies!

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