Friday, May 05, 2006

Miscellany and List Friday

There is a glut of illness in our little home. It started two weeks ago with the girlie, who's still fighting it off (puking in Target this morning...much to my delight), then my husband and now me. Stuffy head and a killer headache. I'm hoping it passes quickly. I can't decide if Zicam really works and makes the cold much less severe or if it drags it out for a long, long time. Instead I will submit myself to the whole nasal spray addiction and *breathe*.

It's so worth the withdrawal.

Last night I went to a cocktail party for a friend who's getting married. Let me just state here that pomegranate martinis are absolutely delicious.

And another thing? If Terry wins this season of Survivor I will, I don't know but I will be totally disgusted. Sure he's winning everything and maybe has a right to the cocky jackassy attitude but ugh. Oh, and while snooping around on Shane's website I came across a link to a Survivor spoiler article. It was about gambling online and how they had to take the Survivor contest down because information had been leaked. And did I read it? You bet. Wanna know?

And now, speaking of pomegranates it's my list for Loretta's List Friday...

High School Wardrobe.

1. Pegged jeans. The trouble we would go through to get those jeans folded and cuffed. If only I spent half as much time on actual school work.

2. LLBean Blucher Mocs - The coolest shoes and you had to have them. They went perfect with #1 and #3. Oh, and Tretorn sneakers too.

3. Scrunchy Socks - Thick, thick socks all scrunched down. Must be the perfect shade to match your shirt.

4. Banana Clips - ew.

5. Champion Sweatshirts - a must have.

6. Jams shorts - They didn't have to be Jams, any reasonable copycat would do. I tell ya, when they changed the dress code to allow shorts it was like the biggest news. I loved having teachers stop me in the hall to measure the distance from hem to knee while the girl in the miniskirt went by without a second glance.

7. V Neck Sweaters - worn too big, half off the shoulder.


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