Tuesday, May 09, 2006

So, in order to stay somewhat alert during the four hour town meeting I drank a diet mountain dew.

It's one a.m. and I'm nowhere near tired.


Blog redesign? Check. Way too long messing with the title photo? Check. Looks crappy? Check. But I had to post the pic in honor of the Sox vs. Yankees series...

The bylaw that was presented tonight, the one I was going to vote against? Well, I read it and reread it and thought about how it would impact me (which it would) and how it would help to regulate development in my little town (which it would) and then I voted FOR it. No matter, it didn't pass. The committee did a crappy job of presenting it and barely spoke up in response to people's concerns...if I didn't know what I was reading and only had the opinions of a very outspoken few, I would've voted against it too.

The husband & I are in the awkward position of untangling ourselves from a hockey parent friendship...maybe not untangling...just trying to keep a safe distance.

Their son was on our team this year and he's one of only a small number of hockey kids in town, especially my son's age. The boys've become pretty good friends and the parents are part of our bigger group of families we hang around with. But now, lacrosse has started and it's down to just us and them. Not that it's all uncomfortable because it isn't but you know when you realize that your idea of parenting and their idea of parenting is so totally different that you want to, now, sort of discourage the boy's friendship? yeah. fun. They pay him, PAY HIM, to not yell at the umpire during his baseball games if he thinks the ump has missed a call. Two dollars a game. That's just one example, but it's a perfect one.

In other news, it's supposed to rain for the next SEVEN days. That would be because the husband started building a deck shed this weekend. grrr.

Well, I'm off to watch Lost (from last week) and maybe do some laundry. And maybe, if I'm lucky, fall asleep...

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