Thursday, May 25, 2006

Hot fun in the Summertime. *UPDATED*

If you tried to click the video in my 13 and it didn't work, here's a direct link:

For Loretta, Summer.

1. Kool-aid
2. corn on the cob
3. grilled whole chicken
4. *noting the need for a summery cocktail in my life* (graciously accepting suggestions)
5. realizing you haven't used the oven for two weeks
6. my potato salad
7. iced tea, iced tea, iced tea
8. peanut butter & jelly sandwiches eaten pondside on the rickety table


1. letting bedtime slide the month before school gets out
2. going barefoot
3. first swim in the lake, although the girlie went for a dip in APRIL and that is most certainly not summer in New England.
4. strawberry picking
5. shorts with too white legs
6. Dinner outside
7. Citronella torches and candles signaling to neighbors that the kids are locked away sound asleep and drinks are being served.
8. mosquito swatting

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