Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thurteen on Thirsday. And later...Rocks.

Okay. I'm relatively embarassed to even be typing this but dudes, this here is my space. Well, not myspace, but MY space and I'm throwing this out there:

I watched American Idol. And here is my Thursday Thirteen:

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1. As a disclaimer I'd like to note that I watched two of the audition shows and then the two part season finale. That's it. And I'd like to tell you...that's all you even NEED to watch. Cripes, every week it's on the news, Remy gives updates during the Sox games even.

2. Another tip: Tape them. Or for those of you living in this century....tivo. There's alotta crap thrown in there for filler. Fast forward is my friend.

3. What was with the bad duets? Meatloaf? That bald guy Chris and his favorite band? uck. Clay with the Claywannabe? Again with the fast forward.

4. That Ace guy is creepy looking. Don't know if it's the eyes, the hair, the size of his face...something just doesn't sit right.

5. Liked watching Randy swaying to Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head.

6. Was I the only one offended by the fake-o awards? I mean, giving that 'most compassionate moment' fake award to that guys mom, who looks like she might be battling cancer. Nice.

7. Dionne Warwick looks just like she did when she was on Solid Gold. A plastic surgery success story. Take note, Kenny Rogers.

8. Prince. Love him.

9. 63.4 million votes. In four hours. That's alotta votes.

10. I thought for sure Katherine would win.

11. She didn't! Woot!

12. The pyrotechnics, during the last song? A little much - no, ALOT much. They were blinding. And maybe it's just the fact that the Station Nightclub fire is still getting news coverage up here that makes me a little more aware, but next time, tone it down.

13. The next American Idol:

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