Thursday, May 25, 2006

Show and Tell

How is it that out of all the people I know in real life, none of them admit to a love for rocks? And then I come here to the internet, visit the show and tell in Tuvalu and *blam* rock lovahs.

found last summer on our Super Secret Seaglass Beach in Newport. I think that was probably THE best day of our summer last year. Or, at the very least, tied for first.

Garnets, found in Harvard Mine up in Maine. And this day was pretty good too.

Found by the boy.

And sadly, or maybe not sadly if you happen to be a rockophile, but I actually had to DECIDE what rocks to choose for this show and tell. There are more, scattered throughout the house, that I kept finding as I was looking for that funny shaped one.

Must go tuck the girlie in, g'nite.

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