Tuesday, May 16, 2006

blink and you might miss it

Pardon the screen in the photo but that, my friends, is authentic blue sky.

I am in no danger of floating away, we've gotten plenty of rain but nothing like the folks north of the city. Over a foot of rain in some spots. Which would equal, what, like 10 feet of snow. Now THAT would've been fun. Not to make light of what must be complete misery for some people but man, I love a blizzard.


Many things to ooh and ahh over.

Many things to throw down in frustration.

Giant stepping.

Pencil Diving.

Covered bridge driving.

Three trips each morning to the hotel's surprisingly good breakfast buffet. And yes, this is the same boy whose ribs are showing in the pool picture.

And a heat camera (infared???)family portrait.

The end.

If you ever find yourself in central Vermont with your kids I highly recommend the Montshire Museum of Science. It was voted best museum EVAH by my esteemed panel of judges.
Tons to do, lots of hands on things that aren't too little kiddish, beautiful trails, we stayed for a loooong time even though it certainly isn't the largest place. I think museums in cities like Boston are too crowded, too big and way overused and underupdated. There's no way they could've had displays like what they have here...pieces would be missing, lines would be too long and it would cost a small fortune. Honestly, I'd drive back to Vermont just to go here again.

We planned the whole trip around visiting this place but with the rain it wasn't happening. We ended up at a working family farm that makes their own cheeses and syrup. The lady cutting blocks of cheddar in the workshop and giving us sample after sample of their wares was the actual owner of the farm, her parents had bought the land 60 years ago. Five hundred and fifty acres of maple sugarland heaven. The camera was in the car, so just imagine a hilltop location, acres of farm meadow with horses and cows and tons of woods bordering the whole site. See, nice innit?

Oh, did you blink? Because we're back to grey skies & drizzle again.

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