Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen now - Show & Tell later

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. For whatever reason, my mother in law bought that DigiDraw thing for my girl awhile back. Piece O' Crap is more like it.

2. I am totally addicted to the Red Sox. Oh, sure, every year I'm loving the baseball - but this year is different. I cannot. STOP. watching.

3. It's only May. If this obsession continues I will be a bleary eyed mess by October.

4. We're going away for three days next week for a much needed break. I had a booked a weekend in Vermont at a hotel with a pool and made no concrete plans. I just need a mini getaway. Badly.

5. I forgot to find someone to take care of the dog. Cue the stress.

6. I stopped reading some one's blog because she complained and complained that strangers would tell her how young she looks. She was genuinely put out because people assumed her children were her younger siblings. Oh those heartless jerks. *clicked the red x*

7. Trying to make small talk is like a damn minefield these days. Too many people get insulted by what a lady in the grocery store line says to them to fill a minute or two of time.

8. When a lady follows you around the store screaming at you for not having your baby dressed warmly enough and then threatens to follow you out to your car and call DSS, well then, that might be considered a real problem with the whole conversing with strangers thing.

9. My son was one of twelve chosen to draw a picture for the school mural. He's never had an easy time in art class - all that nasty creativity stuff. But this year is different. He's excelling and the teacher has noticed. The mural pictures will be projected onto the wall and will be painted there permanently.

10. The theme for his picture? Trustworthiness. Huh?

11. I was stumped. He, on the other hand, was stumped for all of ten minutes and then started drawing.

12. The committee I work for is proposing a bylaw at town meeting on Tuesday. It's really, really important to them - It's taken much hard work and many many hours to get it to this point. They're a dedicated bunch and this is like their little itty bitty baby.

13. And then will come the awkward moment when I raise my hand to vote against it.

P.S. Number 8 totally happened to my husband and I when the boy was 3 months old. Crazy lady.

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1 comment:

~**Dawn**~ said...

lol...does it count as obsession that we ordered MLB Extra Innings on digital cable JUST to watch the Red Sox? because unless they are being played on EPSN, we only see them when they play the D'Rays!