Monday, May 22, 2006

So, no posts since last Thursday and that was, maybe, a little Red Sox oriented.

Jennifer was kind enough to monkey with a little photo for my birthday, if you haven't seen it...

Now THAT is awesome. Thanks Jen, you totally made my day.

So the boy is going on a field trip later this week. A THREE DAY LONG field trip. I'm having mini-strokes over the whole thing, but privately. Outwardly I'm showing a calm, relaxed front. Except for one thing. He needs rain boots. And did I think to look for rain boots when I found out about them two months ago? Um, no.

So tomorrow is a mad scramble all over my little corner of Red Sox Nation to find a pair of rain boots. They're on the Target website alright and if it had even crossed my mind last week this whole mess would've been avoided. But no.

So between the whole totallystressedoutabouttheboybeingawaybutpretendingit'sallgood and the lack of wellies, I'm feeling edgy.

And for a short time this weekend we played host to a wild baby painted turtle. Until we realized it would A.) cost over $100.00 to house him correctly and B.) still be alive long after the boy leaves for college. He's in the pond.

We had this fish, it was the girlie's. An orangy little murdering bastard thing. It killed every single fish we put in the tank with it. Like 6 or 7 different fish, dead. I know they're kindof disposapets and the gas to and from Petco costs more than they do, but still. Well, ding dong the fish is dead! Woot! My husband asked the kids if they'd be willing to give up the fish to keep Max (the turtle). They were all "yeah, yeah, yeah!" my lovely boy suggested flushing them. I spoke up..."um, you'd actually KILL them to keep the turtle?" Anyway, we didn't have to kill them. He must've heard us voice our true feelings and pffft. Dead.

So tomorrow it's boots and fish and defacing everything in the duffle bag with my son's name in permanent marker. Do they really NEED six pairs of underwear? I'm hoping not.

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