Thursday, May 18, 2006

Red Sox Fever

Thirteen Things about crazy obsessed Sox Fan Jenny

1. Willie Harris you are NO Dave Roberts.

2. Coco Crisp. Are you coming back? Evah? What're we doing with Pena?

3. I'm not sure how to get a ~ over the N in Pena. Sorry Willy Mo.

4. And David Wells, heal and pitch my man. Can't wait to see you play.

5. Kevin Millar could make googly eyes at Mirabelli all night and now *sniff* I miss him.

6. Last year, when playing for the PawSox we saw Youkilis in a game or two. Instantly coined "Puke-a-liss" by my son and his friend we now have rousing cheers of PUUUUUUKE! everytime he's at bat.

7. Have I mentioned just how much I love Pukealiss?

8. And Papelbon?

9. No? Well, yeah, I do. And not because of Puke's giant head or that goofy fauxhawk that Papelbon had. Those boys can play.

10. Who is this Mike Lowell and why was he considered an anchor in the Beckett dealio?

11. Can we still love a catcher who bats .156? Why, yes we can.

12. I love that Manny & Ortiz can go O-fer and still this team comes out on top.

13. Tonight I can go to bed early, to recover from these late night 'watch Lost after the sox Post Game show' nights. Thank god for the off day.

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