Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Is it crazy to assume that every time you kill a spider his brethren will come looking for you? No? Well good. Because every time I kill one of those eight legged disgustacreatures I can't relax for the next few hours. A piece of lint hits me the wrong way and I jump a mile, convinced that his brother is out looking for revenge. See? So totally NOT crazy.

Blue skies, birds chirping, calm breezes, pond this is what Spring is all about? No wonder people love it.

Hey, we're having some people over for my birthday this weekend? Wanna come?

So polite of me to extend an invitation knowing you all live too far away to accept...ahahahaha.

I spoke to my son's teacher last night, he wanted early approval on a book report book so I sighed loudly and told him that just this once I'd pull some strings and call her at home. I know her outside of school and we're friendly so I prayed she wouldn't mind. Of course, one of the reasons I like her is that she SO didn't mind and laughed loudly when I told her that "I might be overstepping my bounds here, but can he read the 12th Lemony Snicket?" She told me yes and then promptly said that she too would overstep her bounds. My first thought was "oh-oh. what's he done?" but before I could do much more than laugh in response she told me that my son was her favorite. FAY VORE IT. And then proceeded to tell me just what a great kid this boy is (in school obviously, because she didn't hear him telling his sister to go fall in a ditch about five minutes prior) excited to learn, always respectful, great friend to his classmates, awesome vocabulary...and there was more. MORE! I mean, I know he's good in school...really good. But to hear just HOW good, well it blew me away. Yes I know, braggy brag brag. But HOLY CRAP! I've done something - and it's a big something- right! I must be permitted to gloat.

I let him stay up extra late last night to read his book, and I will give him extra kisses today before school (won't he be thrilled :) ) and inside my head I will be doing a little endzone dance all the while.

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Anonymous said...

ah... and I already booked my flight...

Happy Birthday!