Wednesday, May 03, 2006

I don't talk sports on here as much as I'd like for fear of alienating you all but a Sox post is better than no post at all

And so it was, on Monday night, a great way for the Sox to meet the Yankees.

C-c-c-c-old. And Windy.

Doug Mirabelli the man of the hour. A second string catcher, flown in by private plane and helicopter, who changes into his uniform in the backseat of a state troopers SUV - he is our saving grace. The man who can catch Wakefield. There is no other.

And the boos. No, not the booze, but the boos. For Damon. And cash, thrown onto the warning track out in centerfield. Well, done Fenway fans...well done.

No one is able to hit it out of the park. Not the steroid ridden Giambi or the smug Rodriguez & Jeter. Oh, I meant no one except David Ortiz.

And Papelbon? Perfect again.

And tonight...rain out. Bah, mother nature...have you no respect?

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~**Dawn**~ said...

i prefer "personal catcher for Tim Wakefield" to "second string". ;-) ya know since a) his presence brings Wake back as a potent pitching threat and b) much as i love Tek, he's the first one to admit he isn't confident in his abilities to catch the knuckler. plus Dougie has a CANNON for an arm when throwing out those pesky base stealers! all i know is i am SO happy he's back. i grinned that whole game.

and The Traitor? he got what he deserved: brief recognition for what he did for Boston 2 years ago & now he will be tortured every time he shows his face in Boston for as long as he wears pinstripes. i have to say, the close-ups they did of him the last third of the game did NOT make him look like he was enjoying playing CF at Fenway anymore. i you think he looked at the joy surrounding Mirabelli's return, both in the stands & in the dugout, and maybe felt the slightest twinge of jealousy? maybe wished that we'd somehow rescue HIM from his rash decision to defect to The Nemesis & bring him back into the fold too?