Saturday, April 29, 2006

Fives on Tuesday.

For Cady, who tagged me...

My list. Two days late. Ergh, I cannot get my blog act together.

five movies you can watch over and over again:

1. red sox world series DVD
2. moulin rouge
3. kill bill (1 and 2)
4. love actually
5. jaws

five embarrassing songs you know all the words to:
1. the devil went down to georgia - charlie daniels band
2. jessie's girl - rick springfield
3. hot for teacher - van halen
4. i can't go for that - hall and oates
5. big shot - billy joel

sadly, as I went through iTunes, I wasn't as embarrassed as maybe I should be.

five memorable halloween costumes:
1. tinkerbell.
2. a hobo
3. a fisherman
4. dracula

I'm not remembering any more than 4.

five celebrities you believe may secretly be aliens:
1. tom cruise
2. oprah
3. sarah jessica parker
4. tom cruise
5. katie couric

five occupations you could never hold:
1. doctor/nurse - anything with blood and guts.
2. copy machine repairman - ugh, I hate toner.
3. policeman/firefighter - too chicken.
4. singer - I cannot, for the life of me, sing.
5. high school teacher.

five books you've recently read outside of school:
1. the tie that binds - kent haruf
2. the blind assassin - margaret atwood
3. surviving grady
4. the birth of venus (halfway done, but I'll finish it up soon) - sarah dunant
5. you remind me of me by dan chaon

five ways to perfectly spend an afternoon:
1. at the pond jumping off the raft with the kids
2. the beach, listening to the redsox and watching the kids hunt for crabs
3. watching movies while the kids are NOT at home
4. reading
5. on a road trip

5 foods I'm most likely eating:
1. kettle corn
2. grilled whole chicken (well, not the WHOLE chicken myself people, but I cook this alot for the family)
3. steamed peas
4. peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch
5. nutrigrain blueberry waffles

five lines you blatantly stole from a movie, tv, a commercial, or song:
I have absolutely no memory for quoting a movie or a tv show.

five people who must immediately respond:
no one, I'm not a tagger, but play along if you'd like

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