Monday, April 10, 2006

And just like's gone.

t.v. repair = couple a' hundred bucks.

check engine light that turned on again Saturday Morning = original estimate $650.00

new tires that should 've been replaced last fall = What, like $500 ?

already booked trip to vermont with the family = a couple a' more hundred.

coffee maker replacement so husband stops with the pouting = $50.00

birthday party and lacrosse gear for son = more than I would've thought.

Now, divide by the sizable pay cut my husband has taken due to pending criminal/legal troubles with his work. Not really a pay cut, just a court ordered ban on prevailing wage work for his company. Still, a healthy 20% off the top of last year's salary.

See, see how fun math can be. This is why I hate it. Seems like there is too much with the subtraction, at least this spring, in this checkbook.

Which leads me to the sad realization that the meetup, with the hotel, gas for the guzzling SUV, meals & extras is just not in the cards for me this time. A completely crappy decision to have to make, but the right and grownup one.

Oh, wait I almost forgot.

new toothbrush: $3.00


and of course. It's MY toothbrush.

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vw bug said...

I really didn't need to see the toothbrush. Now I think I need to burn mine. I can handle spiders, ants, rats but not roaches.