Friday, April 07, 2006

So Kate was kind enough to justify my lack of posting with her topic today. Which is precisely why I love her.
Just not alot going on. Or rather, there's stuff going on but I'm having trouble translating it into interesting posts.

And here it is: My first knitting project:

It took me awhile to get the nose and mouth right, but you can't even see the seams can you?? Oh, wait. It's not the girl silly but her pink rolltop hat. A little too small but I'm not complaining. I had some other angles too but they are lost in the quagmire known as "My Pictures". All in all a fairly successful start.

Project Number Two: A tiny chapstick bag for the girlie in the pink hat. It fits a little more than just a chapstick but that's pretty much all the girlie makeup type items she's allowed to bring in public.

I'm finishing up a scarf for the girlie and then I'm moving on to a project for moi. The poor girlie is the recipient of all things beginner and with questionable seaming. But she doesn't know and ignorance really is bliss.

Remember the baby shower we threw about a month ago? Yeah, well let's just say the woman is on her way to becoming my EX sister in law. Not because I'm disowning her but because two weeks ago while my brother in law was at a Bruins game she packed all of her stuff up and moved right the heck out. Holy mackerel. Poor little babe.

Book club tonight. The book, which I have previously referred to as a coaster, has not been read. It's called Self Made Man by Norah Vincent and I wasn't intrigued when the hostess chose it and guess what....Still Not Intrigued. She dresses up as a man....blah blah....and tries to assimilate herself....blah blah. Do I want some greater insight into men? No. Do I really and truly care how they act or what they say when it's just men? No. Do I care how she sees women as a newly mustached man? No. But I'm in luck. Reading the book is not a prerequisite to attending. Well, it might be if you NEVER read the books but this one just wasn't happenin' for me. So I'll put a snack together, wait anxiously for my friend C. and sit quietly (or not) for awhile until the talk turns to other things...

Hockey is OVER! Or as the local paper called it....The Other Spring Break. But it's not really over. Only the games are. We've got ice time thru the end of the month and then the Father/Son game. And then it's over.

I think. And then we start lacrosse.

And today:

Can't read it? It says Kindergarten Screening. Waaaahhhhh. The girlie went today. She's set to go for September. I'm not at all happy about this growing up nonsense.

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