Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Show and Tell, now with Cheating & Lies

See, check the date down at the bottom...didya check? Really? Well, see then, still Thursday.

And a double bonus, not only do I lie about the date but I lied about the show and tell. No show. For whatever reason the pictures didn't save correctly and they are blank now. You'll have to take my word for it and that in itself is a sketchy proposition today, what with the two lies so far.

Favorite Childhood CandyBar: Tie. SkyBar vs. Whatchamacallit.

Favorite Grown Up CandyBar: Hershey's Special Dark.

And really, what do I have to gain for lying. Whatchamacallit. I mean, really.

I'm still in technogeek love with the iPod. And the car charger/player thingmo. Love that too. The girlie has fairly decent musical taste (with the exception of that Feel Good Inc. song...blech) and we were blaring CCR and the Beatles. She tells me how much she loves the song that's on (Hey Jude) which makes me smile because it's my favorite too and I just found out it was my dad's favorite and well, that gets me all mushy. Anyway.

We get home and she says "you know mom I love that song, I'm going to name my baby that".
Which one? I ask her
And she sings it, nice and loud "HEY JU"
Which could also be spelled 'Hey Jew"


After I stopped laughing (totally at her and not with her, as she was all "huh??") I kind of thanked god that she hadn't decided to test her musical chops in Target.

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