Thursday, March 16, 2006

I don't even like people. Well, except for you.

I'm at the library this morning, our attempt at free entertainment as the art class/$7.00 entertainment has been cancelled. Usually we hit the shelves for a few minutes before or after the daisy girl scouts shindig but this time, with no time constraints the girlie and I browsed. Well, she browsed I read the Chyrsanthemum Palace but close enough.

I up the ususal 4 book 1 movie limit to an unheard of 10 books and two movies. I'm feeling generous today.

The toddler reading/crafty class gets out just as we are walking up to the circulation desk. I'm in line, albiet a little off to the side, with our bag o' books. A mom steps up, kind of next to me. She's busy badmouthing the school committee's decision to demolish the playgrounds at our elementary school and rebuild.

So, let's just say that working for a few town committees over the past four years has left me a mite defensive in favor of the volunteer committees it takes to run a town/school department, etc. She's indignant...the cost...the inconvenience, blah blah. I only wanted to say..."maybe you should've gone to one of the meetings" because it was clear she hadn't and really, don't bitch unless you know the details. And if you don't go to the meetings, you don't know. period. *rant over*

The mom in front of us finishes up and this playground badmouther steps forward at the same time I do. Now, she only has one movie to check out and I've got a bagful of stuff. But before I can even offer to let her go first she says. "oh, were you here first?" I nod, but don't even get to speak before she says "Well, I wasn't really paying attention, I didn't even see you but if you say so, then I guess...".

So, passive agressive soul that I am I let the girlie start unloading the bag. book by painfully slow book. And this lady, she's something else, she is. She says "Oh. My. Well, I wouldn't normally ask this (at which I haven't even SPOKEN yet but I let my eyebrows raise as if to say Oh. Really? I bet.) but I only have one thing and you've got so much more, could I just go? I'm in such a rush. I've made dinner for a sick friend and have got to get it over to her, she's got kids."

My mind says 'lady, it's 11:30 a.m. - I'm doubting that she's worried about her supper' but my hand waves her on, because for all I know the friend has cancer and one week left to live and this is the last meal she'll ever have with her family. Okay, so I lean toward the melodramatic but damn I'm familiar with that karma chick and she means business.

She does her thing and then while she strolls over to help her son with his jacket we check out and leave the library before she does. I'm buckling up the girlie and driving away as I watch her stop at her friends car for a chat.

She's in a hurry. A HURRY! No time for waiting in line. No time for idle chatter. I wanted to pull up to her and just say, remind her of her friend's dinner. Well. Really, I wanted to. But I didn't. Instead I'm here, typing it all up and posting away.

You're welcome.

And now, show and tell.

I know, a BUTTER dish was requested but damnitall I don't have a butter dish.

I have a tub. And there are sticks of I can't believe it's not butter in the fridge too, still in their foily wrappers.

I do buy butter and not just any kind but my favorite, Kate's. I mostly use it to cook and I don't have anything planned that will require honest to god butter this week so y'all are outta luck.

We are in the midst of planning for the big festivities tomorrow. Green beer and hangovers? Um, no. Leprechaun traps and hidden gold. Green pancakes and special plates. Not a drop of irish blood runs through our veins but this has somehow surpassed easter to move into the coveted space of "Favorite Holiday besides Christmas". Woot. And it's tomorrw. We're off to hide the gold. g'nite.

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