Thursday, March 09, 2006

I deserve whatever I get

Life Lesson Number 5646498:

If you're going to whine about a gift, expect to be repaid mightily. This is a little excerpt from a Thursday Thirteen I wrote back in November:

My brother in law and his wife got airline tickets to meet my inlaws in South Carolina next week for their first anniversary. We got a picture frame, decorated with roses and a hallmarky sentiment next to the opening for the picture. Not looking a gift horse in the mouth and all of that...but really...

Fast forward to last week. Our tenth anniversary had just passed and last Friday my husband went to visit his mom to escape the hell that is being the husband of a book group hostess. He returns, wrapped goody in hand. Now I don't expect presents for our anniversary, really I don't. Really. Anyway, I unwrap and lo and behold....

A shadowbox picture frame, with one of our wedding pictures inside. But what's wrong with our wedding picture, can't be that bad, you say?

oh no, the picture itself isn't bad but now it's been matted. On some antiquish looking paper and there are embellishements. Don't get me wrong here either, I'm a (very) novice card maker, I like gizmos, but the sheer volume and style of the gizmos has my head a-spinnin'. There are roses and doves and hearts, so many hearts, and wine glasses and wedding bells. And some of them are multi-dimensional and such.

The saving grace of this photo display is that it was handmade by my mother in law. And when I say SAVING grace I mean that literally, as in saving it from a spot in my eaves.

Yes, I'm mean. She probably spent hours on this gift and for that I am thankful. But the woman has known me for sixteen years and she knows that frou frou is NOT my style. Maybe it's my husband's style. I'll find out tonight because I'm hanging it right over his bureau today while he's at work.

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