Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Sometimes when you least expect, things just fall into your lap(top)

Meet the latest and greatest addition to my little family. A gift! From a friend with too many laptops (as if!) and no upgrade knowledge, see, my new baby is empty and is awaiting an OS transplant. I'm a little excited.

Last Friday I returned home after picking up the babysitter, pizza and movies in tow. I walk in the door and my husband is standing there, ashen faced, the TV is dead, he says. The babysitter refuses to take broken for an answer. In record time he has the gamecube TV hooked up to the dvd player and running in perfect order. I'm thinking that someday having a sixteen year old around the house will be a good thing.

Of course the repair shop called yesterday with the bill. Let's just say that it's just under the' it's not worth fixing' dollar limit.

The future bruins clinic, wherein you drive two hours to watch your child skate for fifty minutes. And then burst with pride not because of his skating abilities but because when facing off against a girl much smaller with much less skill he didn't just wristshot it and skate away like the other boys, he actually skated with her and muffed up the puckhandling so that she could steal it and get a shot or two off. And not at all being obvious about it. Impressive sportsmanship never fails to, well, impress.

Oh, and I know I haven't posted for like FIVE days (Really, Jennifer...I'm okay...just busy and lazy all at the same time :) ) but is there minimum posting requirements for the meet-up? Because the room? It's booked.

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