Monday, March 13, 2006

And did I learn the first time? Picture frame complaint number one got me picture frame #2.

And picture frame complaint #2 will probably get guessed it, picture frame #3 for my birthday.

And I'll totally deserve it.

Moving on.

The girlie got a haircut this morning. Second one in two weeks as the first one was a do-it-yourself job. She just took a handful of hair and snipped. She said it was snarly and she snipped just the once, about three inches off the side. It really didn't require immediate fixing but her bangs were long and her hair was ragamuffinish so it was time anyway.

We're throwing my sister in law a baby shower this weekend and guess how many guests have R.S.V.P.'d? Two. Out of Fifteen. I'm thinking people will just show up, at least I should say I'm hoping people will just show up.

Oh, remember all that Netflix trouble? Well, emails were sent back and forth and movies have been coming quick like, well, something quick. Huh. So I'm back on the loving Netflix bandwagon.

I'm kind of looking forward to that invention show that's starting soon. At least for the first week and then I'll forget it's even on and never watch it again. Which seems to be pretty much what happens to every show I watch except Survivor. I did get sucked into Dancing with the Stars but that was on at the same Thursday night time so it worked out well. Two shows. One time. I've dumbed down my TV viewing schedule even.

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vw bug said...

I just want my sons to let the barber cut their hair versus me... soon... I hope.