Tuesday, March 07, 2006

well, i am fully recovered.

from what?

an impromptu party on Sunday with 20 guests. and 45 minutes notice.

I hit my new friend Rachel up for another recipe (Italian Sub Soup), stopped at the grocery store, ran home made a few beds, a big pot of soup, a cold drink and voila...rolled out the welcome mat. it went swimmingly and our home was officially declared the sunday destination of choice for post hockey gatherings. i should be running scared but the season's almost over and i'll miss this crowd. I'm imposing a hockey ban for the summer. Waiting to see if the boy gets the D.T.s. Should be interesting.

Yesterday I returned to my knitting class, having ripped out all of that mess I showed you guys last week. I was basically knitting all wrong, flipping the yarn around and some other nonsense.
This week I actually learned how to do it correctly along with purling and increasing. woo-hoo me.

We'll see if i remember any of it tonight.

The mess with the daughter's school is slowly working itself out. Her preschool/day care is closing at the end of the month. It was the only school in town that would provide before and after kindergarten care on the same schedule the girlie would of had in the fall. (half the town goes in the morning, the other half in the afternoons and then in January ~ we switch. What fun for working parents, eh?)

So I guess I'm going to be enrolling her in another preschool that will do the pre and post kindergarten mess but she will be going on the opposite schedule as all of our neighbors, as it's across town. And I will have to provide transportation on the three days she DOESN'T go to this before and after place.

Is making any sense? Am I just prattling on? Yeah? Oh-kay then.

Doesn't matter. That's all you get from me today. Mindless blather.
What??? Just like every OTHER day you're saying?
Fine then. DOUBLE mindless blather for you tomorrow. Hah. That'll show you.

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