Friday, March 03, 2006

Show and Tell Friday....because I cannot adapt to Thursday. or because Comcast PhotoShow stinks. And now with a bonus question for those who knit..

So, I had my pictures for the show and tell ready to go and because one of the calendars needs a little editing up...i head to photoshow. It's done right by me before, only this time...not so much. Crashacrashacrasha. I open it, try to import, it closes. over and over again. Of course I'm not sure why I expected the eighth time to be different than the first but I digress.

Last night we had the opportunity to see the Bruins for $10.00 a ticket and, well, we couldn't pass that up and that bit in mightily to my blog messing around with time.

Here is the calendar that required no messing around with because (and I must say I feel better after seeing that I'm not the only one who does this) it's blank. Oh sure, I flip the picture of Black Labs every month but I rarely, if ever, write a thing on this. Usually I just use it for reference I guess. Not that it references anything and mostly I run up the stairs to look at the real one.

I have a thing for organization. Or should I say...wanting to be organized. I've never really acheived this lofty goal and I've always wanted to buy this calendar so buy it I did. There was alot of time spent filling in our names (with different colored sharpie - a trick that might have worked if I hadn't lost MY color) and I wasn't too happy about the big pictures they like to throw into the middle of the pages, making it almost impossible to see what you've written. But still, I really like this one. It comes with stickers (three for Halloween and only 12 for sports practices. which makes less than no sense AS IF we would only have 12 practices in a sixteen month period - and who has three halloweens? )

But it's a full sixteen months and not the cheesy four months to a page deal either. And there's a pocket for the sharpies and a real holder that doesn't rip. love it.

And hey, check out my superior photo editing skills. Time to quit my day job, no?

And now onto the question...

I learned to knit on Monday. Just casting on and the knit stitch so far, but it's a start. Last year, there was one row of incorrectly done casting on left on my needles for like, eight months. I had to DUST the yarn. But it looked so pretty and knitty in the corner of my room. Anyway...

Here is my problem:
Actually, I don't this is a picture of my problem. This is what I think it SHOULD look like (am I right?) And this is how it started out looking:

But then:

Look...the spacing is all wacky. I've no idea what I did differently. None. Any more experienced knitters have a clue? Because, even though it's just practicing I'd like to figure it out before I move on.

This is what it looks like all together. Any ideas?

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