Thursday, March 09, 2006

Eye Spy

Okay, this is the second time around for this post because blogger was a little grouchy this afternoon. I'm sure it won't have you cracking up in side splitting laughter like the first one but hey, you can't win 'em all.

First off, the Show and Tell, for my favorite little birdie.

I took this last spring or summer and due to the lack of camera batteries it's what I'm posting. There's no new picture stipulation is there? My eyes are brown and used to need glasses or contact lenses to see far away. The last time I went to renew my driver's license I forgot both and took the vision test...and I passed. Huh? I know that I should wear contacts or glasses but when has the RMV ever been wrong?

Here's another knitting picture for my friend who said she didn't want to look at that AWFUL knitting picture for even another minute:

Now this, this isn't AWFUL knitting. It's knitting and purling. Look at me go, eh?

And tomorrow, a visit from a little bitch named Karma.

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