Friday, March 17, 2006

Top O' the Mornin' to yeh...Unless you're Blogger, then pffft.

A filer or server or someother technical mojo prevents me from viewing this here blog right now. Apparently it'll be up and running later. We shall see.

St. Patrick's Day has turned into quite a little celebration over here in our little part of New England. The first order of business is the purchase of two bags of those chocolately gold coins. The girlie eats all but two from her bag but no matter, the brother has a little more restraint and still has all of his.

Then the plans are drawn up. The recycling bin is raided and there are scraps of duct tape and torn off labels all over the cellar floor. A leprechaun trap is in the works, this year's version involved a ramp, a swinging trap door and a strategically placed squishy ball that will oh so conveniently fall and block the entrance.

The gold(ish) coins are hidden all over the house and in the trap, piles of two and three, in order to lure the leprechauns in. But they're wily, those leprechauns, they leave green hershey's kisses in place of the coins. Nothing except kisses inside the trap, maybe next year.
Did I mention the mischief? No? Well there's mischief. The toilet paper is unrolled and strung around the bathroom. There's a smiley face drawn in toothpaste on the mirror, my books are all turned backwards, the girlie's stuffed animals are lined up parade style and her dollhouse people? Have all been jammed into one vw bug.
My boy, who normally sleeps through smoke alarms woke up last night as I was laying his school clothes out. The pants touching the wood chair was enough to rouse him from his comatose sleep. So I try to shush him but he gets up saying he's got to go to the bathroom. Can't really refuse that request. Now, the mischief has been done but it's only 11:30 so crap, crap, crap how'm I going to explain that I'm still up but the leprechauns already came? I lie, lamely too, but he's too tired to notice. The look on his face when he sleepily sees the toilet paper strewn across the bathroom was priceless. He literally jumped. His eyes popped open and he was speechless. Then he ran upstairs, scared that they still might be here and jumped into bed with my husband. For whatever reason he's into this whole thing hook, line and sinker. It's been that way since preschool, when the teachers put all of the toys outside the playground fence and monkeyed with the classroom a little bit - blaming leprechauns all the while.

There's even green pancakes. With green sprinkles. Served on shamrock plates.
My mother in law is making a corned beef and cabbage dinner and normally I wouldn't miss it, because even if her picture frame/shadow boxing skills are questionable, her cooking most certainly is not. yum.

But tonight I'm missing it. Going out to eat with a very good friend. And then a movie? shopping? who knows. In eight short hours I'll be outta here :)

But first I'm going to go scrub the toothpaste smile from the bathroom mirror and put away approximately 50 beanie babies. Darn leprechauns.

Update: Apparently I am Irish:
You're 40% Irish

You're probably less Irish than you think you are...
But you're still more Irish than most.

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