Friday, April 28, 2006

I saw this over in Tuvalu and thought hey, a list...I love lists...and easy posting opportunities. Happy Friday.

I could never be a 40 hour a week or sixty hour a week employee. Well, of course I could if I had to but I'm easily bored and hate the whole 'obligation' part of it. Be here at blank a.m., do this by Tuesday, you can't leave until blank p.m., work closely with the same people for hours and hours and hours and come to hate them.

Petulant child? Is that what I sound like? Sorry. But I do work, and I like what I do it's just that it's part time and that's the key to my success.

Here are some are jobs I might like:

Book Store Owner: Free Books. Oh, wait. I should say SUCCESSFUL Book Store Owner. I wouldn't want to be working in the store 150 hours a week.

Movie critic: Watch movies and then talk about them. I think that's pretty much perfection.

Red Sox Ball Girl: Unless I was hired for this.

Meteorologist: Love the weather. Don't want to be the actual TV weather person but would want to work for the National Weather Service or something.

Professional Blogger: Yeah, I know I'd have to post more than twice a week and maybe learn to actually write but Dooce's husband is now HOME thanks to what? People clicking on ads? Craziness.

Hunting/Fishing Lodge Owner: I have it all pictured in my head - post and beam construction, large stone fireplace, big tables that hold many eaters. I could make big hearty breakfasts and pack lunches and the husband could keep the place in good repair and chat the guests up about their day. Lakefront, in the woods. *sigh*

What do you want to be when you grow up?

And for those of you who wanted to know what a rotary is:

click this.

Five roads all meet up with a circley road and you drive around the circle until you hook up witht the route you need to take. If it sounds dangerous, it is. People are rude and no one uses blinkers and some drivers try to make an extra lane for themselves, but somehow, it all works.
And note that Artist appears nowhere on my list of dream jobs.

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