Thursday, April 27, 2006

Show and Tell & Thursday Thirteen - done and DONE!

And the award for negligent eye care goes to....

One wild guess.

The girlie wore her eye patch religiously for two hours a day for three months last year. We were weaned down to an hour a day three months ago. Guess what she hasn't worn ONCE in the last three months?

Socks? No.

Barrettes? Um, no.

For whatever reason it continually slipped my mind. The opthamologist still wanted to see her, to check her vision and alignment - making sure the stronger eye doesn't just take over for the weaker eye which would make her ineligible for fighter pilot training.

Thirteen Things about Jenny

1. This is just what you don't want to see when you're heading over the Bourne Bridge to the Cape. Especially because when you left the house ten minutes early you were too busy congratulating yourself to remember that A. You needed gas and therefore needed extra time to sell that pesky kidney of yours and B. The new health insurance cards were sitting on the kitchen counter. And so instead of ten minutes early you ended up ten minutes late. Did I mention how even though there are few places I love more than Cape Cod the bridge situation is a nightmare. Unless you like very narrow, very high bridges. And cannot imagine yourself just tumbling off the edge every damn time you go over it. Because then it's fun!

2. Don't buy slip on, no back sneakers for your child unless you like watching her try to run and keep those damn shoes on in some awkward duck footed shuffle. Oh, and a note to Skechers (which these are not) - those Z straps are not some new fangled skecher idea...the girlie has been wearing them for over a year now. And no, she cannot tie her shoes yet. Z straps a good idea? Um, a lazy mommy idea maybe but not sure if that qualifies it as good.

3. I love the anticipation of knowing the beach is right over the dunes and not being able to see it. Had lunch at the beach today...and now am counting the days until summer.

4. The Cape Cod Canal is right next to this particular beach...this is the entrance from the bay side of the canal...notice the beautiful expanse of ocean?

5. And this is what you see when you turn and look behind you. Hello, nuclear power plant. Way to wreck the seasidey vibe.

6. I love rotaries. Seriously, I do. It makes driving in Massachusetts, well, driving in Massachusetts. Most people hate them. I'm not most people.

7. And for Show and Tell this week, my road. Oh... wait...this isn't my road. It's the driveway of the fish hatchery from picture # 2. I just want it to be my road. Does that count?

8. This is my actual road, looking left from my front gate. Yes, it's dirt. We don't actually access our driveway from this road but the front of my house faces this way so unofficially, it's our road. I say unofficially because our deed is a disaster and we found out this is actually what street address should reflect. oops.

9. This is my road, from my gate looking right. Notice that it pretty much leads into a patch of woods? That's where it ends. But through this little patch is my girlie's secret (or not) path to her best friends house.

10. This is the road that leads to the main road, it's a regular freeway isn't it?

11. I'm out of pictures and cannot get this to stop underlining. WTF.

12. My boy want to audition for one of those PBS Frontier House type of shows. He asks me a few times a week how we'd take part in something like that. He loves camping, no electricity, no running water - really roughing it (at least in my opinion). And yet he balked at going TV free for a week.

13. I have to look into getting that automatic linky thing for the bottom of this's the linking that kills me.

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