Thursday, June 01, 2006

Furniture I could live without

Poppy wants to see our least favorite/most hated piece of furniture for the Show and Tell. I was genuinely at a loss. I couldn't think of one piece of furniture that I don't like.

And then I went to put my daughter's pajamas away.

See the misaligned drawers? Well, they don't open or close all that well or all that easily for that matter. The husband has replaced all of the hardware. Twice. It doesn't matter, within weeks it's back to being all wobbly broken tracked drawers again. It's as if it likes it this way. It's sabotaging my furniture happiness.

This bland-o-bureau was mine at one point, bought at the unfinished furniture store and in my husband's first and last stab at decorating...stained and left handleless.

At one point I was going to paint it now I'm thinking kindling.

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