Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Overheard Yesterday:

Can't we go swimming??!?! It's been like, ten or seventy minutes since we've been to the pond.
*whiny voiced daughter who has a very limited grasp of time*

I love money more than you.
*crying daughter, in a pale imitation of Mr. Crabs, after being told that we weren't going swimming again until AFTER supper* Oh, the horror.

Momma, I'm so sorry. I love you more than money. Because I'm poor, I only have eleven dollars. If I was rich I'd love money more. But I'm not *sob* I'm poooooooor.
*crying daughter, in a tearful hearfelt apology*

Basically, the schedule for the summer is this:

Wake up, watch Spongebob, swim.
Get dressed, go somewhere or stay home, swim.
Cook dinner while still wet, eat, swim.
Pajamas, game or a movie, sleep.

Later, rinse, repeat.

The water level in the pond though, is up about five+ feet and the steps that usually get you in are underwater. Way underwater. And now you have to take one horribly gooey step into the mud before you get to the steps. Ew. Or, you take just take a run and cannonball off the neighbor's dock. Which is a nice option.

We bought a TON of illegal fireworks this weekend. Well, a ton for us. Which isn't much at all in the truly hick world of fireworks purchasing. I'm wanting to set them off just so they won't be stored in the house, not for fear of a middle of the night raid by the town fireworks gestapo but because I'm convinced they will spontaneously combust in the cellar, blowing us all sky high.

The kids want to sign up for the summer reading program at the town library. They give out free passes to stuff you never want to visit. Except for the coveted "Free Round of Mini Golf", that's the one they work toward. Last year, they read like little fools, marking their progress on the charts they give out. They earned the mini golf fairly early on and then promptly quit reading. I almost, almost want to just take them to mini golf and forego the entire thing. The library visits, the charts, the overdue fines. ugh. But I won't, because I'm a sucker for kids that want to read.

P.S. I love this site.

P.P.S. And the Red Sox.

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vw bug said...

I love that site. Also, I can't wait until my kids are older and can swim just under supervision... versus me having to be in the pool with them the whole time.