Tuesday, June 13, 2006

He was grinning from ear to ear when I picked him up at the bus stop.

Mom, I won an award.

You did? What for.

*bigger grin* Being a great student.

Wha??? ooh, oooh, ooh, what's it say? can you read it to me..

And so he reads:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Jenny, Each year at Smalltown Elementary, a number of exiting third grade students receive awards. We are pleased to notify you that THE SON has been selected to receive the Parron Scholarship Award. He was selected for this award because of his dedication, motivation, enthusiasm and performance as viewed by the third grade teachers. On Monday, June 19, 2006 I will be honoring the award winners with a special Principal's Lunch in my office. In the fall, they all be invited to a School Committee meeting where the Committee and administration will recognize them and present them with their trophies.
We are proud of THE SON and what he has done for our school! Sincerely, The Principal

There was only one of these given out. Mom, they said it was 'The Big One'. Well, a girl did get an award for loving school but the other four were for just art, gym or music. This is for Ev-Ree-Thing. Plus I get my name on a plaque that will be in the school forever.

Teary eyed mom replies : One? To you? *insert boy's name here* you have no idea just how proud I am right now. Repeat a few more times about the proudness ;)

And spend the night making statements like:

Oh, and the Parron Scholarship Award Winner doesn't think he needs to eat his dinner, eh?


Bedtime for the Parron Scholarship Award Winnah!

just to see that huge grin.

Just last week, at my wit's end, it seemed like I was treading water with him. I was hoping not to seem as though I was begging for pats on the back, because I wasn't, I was just truly exhausted. And you all came to my rescue in the form of kind words and such and let me know that being strict diligent is pretty much how you all are too and that it works and is working and buck up, Jenny. And also, that soon he won't need so much parenting. Which will be both a relief and in the same breath, somewhat depressing.

And so you were right. It does work, apparently.

*note that nowhere do I mention the fact that on Sunday it took four long and loud hours for him to write ONE paragraph for a book report. And that he almost didn't live to receive the award. well, i mentioned it nowhere but here, anyway.

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