Wednesday, June 21, 2006

I'm TWO!

I just had to re-sign in to blogger and they have all of these.."blogs updated most recently" things. I remember when I used to click on those and maybe, just maybe I'd be rewarded with a new site to bookmark...

It was all so new. SO new. And in these parts, these New Englandy parts, it still is. Dooce? That's french for two, right?

And now, two years has gone by. TWO YEARS. And here I still am. Not with as much vigor as when I first started, with the posting every day. But still, TWO Freaking YEARS. For me this is kind of big. I've never kept a diary for more than a week or so and that was back in the days of padlocks and pastel covers. Now I look through my archives to find out when my TV last shit the bed so I can be sure to tell the repairman.

What bums me out is the comments, apparently this Haloscan creep deletes them after there's about one hundred, so all of your comments from days of old...they're gone. But not forgotten! Only, it looks like no one ever visited me until about one hundred comments ago. *sigh*

Funnily enough, I didn't remember it was the two year dealio until after I typed that first paragraph...

Tomorrow is the first official day of Summer Vacation, with both of my kids out, out, out of school. We have no plans. Nothing to get up early for, no lunches to make, no schedule...


So, yeah. The girlie with the puking, me with the not puking but constant nausea...lots o fun.

But the day in between, was for most people, nothing more than a trip to the mall. But really, with a good friend, does it matter where you go?

Watching her try on those too ugly for words, but too comfortable to resist croc type sandals. And then talking myself right out of the same pair. And then ending up jealous because they are really THAT comfortable.

And a note: If you're going to *sample* the lotion at Williams Sonoma...don't pump the bottle three times to show your friend that she must be too wimpy to get it to work and then get yourself caught rubbing your arms and shoulders down with the super greasy lotion by the saleslady. I'm just sayin'.

And then to read her site and find out that she was eyeing bags/purses/satchels the entire time and DIDN'T EVEN MENTION IT TO YOU. Especially because that's just what you could've been looking for yourself. I need a good, expensive bag for the summer, LM. Durable, with lots of pockets AND I MISSED MY CHANCE?!

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